Representative Features of 20-inch to 29-inch CRT Televisions

Cathode ray tube, or CRT, television sets use vacuum tube technology to display images on the screen. This equipment does not need LCD LED TV technology. LCD and LED components usually go together to present a picture to viewers and can provide a bit of nostalgia for viewers to watch TV or play video games on.

Do you need a remote control for a CRT monitor?

Many of the sets include a battery-powered remote control for the monitor portion. In cases where there is a built-in peripheral, the remote also controls the VCR or DVD player. Use it to adjust brightness, sound, and other functions. Some models also feature buttons below the screen. These typically control only the built-in player and not the CRT monitor itself.

What resolution options do CRT TV sets offer?

Some CRT models come with a 480p resolution. Others offer 720p. These latter monitors let you watch the HD channels you currently receive with your service.

Can you play vintage video games on these television sets?

Gamers with vintage consoles like the pixel count and monitor capabilities of Sony CRT sets. This niche of users is known as "retro gamers." They have a difficult time playing vintage games on other screen setups. For example, scan lines may not display properly unless a CRT system has 480p capabilities.

Which additional features do many CRT sets offer?

A TV monitor may come with a variety of additional features. Examples include:

  • Built-in DVD players: Some televisions come with built-in DVD technology. A few models have a DVD and a VCR player built in. You control each device with the same remote control.
  • Built-in VCR: The built-in VCR typically sits right underneath the monitor. Some CRT models that offer this setup also allow for FM radio playback.
  • Flat screen: Some sets come with flat rather than slightly curved screens. The technology reduces glare that artificial lighting or direct sunlight may cause. It eliminates the need for picking a sweet spot in front of the screen for optimal viewing.
  • HDTV-enabled technology: Many 720p TV models are HDTV-enabled. This means that you can watch high-definition programming on them when you hook up the monitor to a programming source with a suitable cable via the input connector.
What are sizes and colors of CRT TV monitor displays?

Depending on the maker of the CRT monitor, there may be a different inch count for the screen. Examples include 20-inch, 24-inch, and 27-inch setups. Colors vary as well. A monitor may be black, gray, white, or silver.