Buying the Right 19-V Laptop Chargers and Adapters

Having a laptop means you can take work, homework, or entertainment on the go with a portable computing machine. With that said, laptops do have a finite amount of power, which means that you need a charger to juice you back up when power wanes. For HP laptops, there is a variety of 19-V options available for times when your battery needs a charge.

What Are Some Adapter and Charger Types for Laptops?

Though there are basic types of laptop chargers that essentially work as power supplies and connect your machine to an outlet to power up the battery, there are a few different types of chargers and adapters that you can purchase for specific uses.

  • A standard AC adapter is the most common type of charger for a laptop and one you've probably seen many times. To use it, you simply plug one end into your computer and the other into any available standard outlet.
  • Another type of power adapter is an AC/DC adapter. Since most appliances and devices run on AC power, this type of adapter converts the AC power into DC power, which is ultimately what powers more portable devices.
  • Out on a business trip and your battery is running low when you've got to give a presentation? Grab a car charger and plug your laptop into your vehicle's cigarette lighter to power up while you're on the road.

What Features Do Power Adapters Offer?

Purchasing a compatible adapter means you may be looking at features, too. A charger that uses 19 V offers the proper amount of voltage for these types of computers, but there are other benefits to consider when buying a power supply for your computer.

  • A universal adapter may work with other brands and models of laptops, so when you're using a borrowed model or when your colleague needs to borrow your charger, it may work just fine even though it's not the same brand.
  • A charger with an extended power cord means you can still use your computer and not just have to sit next to the outlet while it charges to use it or wait until it's charged up.
  • A model that comes with different pins makes it compatible with a variety of computer types and sizes.

Which Models Do HP Chargers Work With?

You have to make sure that you get the right laptop AC adapter in order for it to work with your specific computer since the connector must fit into the charging port on your machine.

  • Fortunately, you can buy a charger that may work with more than one machine in the same series, such as AC adapters that power up numerous versions of the Mini.
  • When you have a ProBook, you can buy a compatible cord that works with numerous versions of the computer.
  • An EliteBook cord may work with different models from the same series.