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Communicate with High-Performing Computer Servers

Acquiring the right computer servers with good specifications can be a big step in helping any small business to grow. Servers are vital in assisting with communications, database functions, and hosting the numerous business applications you need for multiple users within your business. eBay has a large selection of quality computer servers with 128 GB of RAM to help the IT side of your business to run smoothly and flourish.

What does a computer server do?

Servers are computers that provide information to other computers called clients. Clients can connect to a given server via either a local area network (LAN) or through a wide area network (WAN) like the internet. There are different types of servers to serve different functions. There are file servers, mail servers, web servers, and many more. They are essentially the same as standard computers except for the software they run. They usually dont require a lot of processing power, but large amounts of RAM and quick hard drives are ideal for most computer servers.

How can a computer server benefit your business?

Today its not enough to simply own a business. You must also handle all that goes with it from human resources and accounting to IT management and more. Computer servers can help your business with the following tasks:

  • Backups: Computer servers consolidate all of your data into one central location, making backups much easier.
  • Shared resources: Computer servers eliminate the need to have specific computers or people available to you to access the information you need at any given time. The information would be available at any time on the server.
  • Shared applications: The computer server could run shared applications for your business.
  • Cost-efficient: The cost of computer servers can be much less than having to navigate several PCs or laptops. One server could logistically replace several PCS via virtualization.
What computer servers are available?

eBay has a large selection of computer servers with 128 GB of RAM memory, including the following:

  • Brands: There are many reputable brands of computer servers available, including Cisco, Dell, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Intel, Lenovo, Supermicro, and more.
  • Form factor: eBay offers a variety of all server types, including blade, rack-mounted, and tower servers, so you can find the one to best match your network of business.
  • Memory type: Youll find servers using both DDR SDRAM and DDR3 SDRAM memory types at eBay.
  • Processors: eBays selection of servers offers a variety of processors, so you can select a server that has just one processor or as many as 16. Youll find top-quality processors like Opteron, Xeon, Xeon Dual Core, Xeon Quad Core, and more.