Keep Things Cool With a 12V Cooler

When you're away from home and on the go, you can still enjoy nice cold drinks and food. You can use a 12V cooler, which can come in various sizes and configurations. There are several different types of these portable coolers available on eBay.

What types of portable fridges are there?

There are a few basic types that you can consider, and some of the 12-volt coolers that you'll see on eBay are described here:

  • Compressor refrigerators - These have a compressor built into them, much like household fridges have. This allows them to be relatively efficient and, most importantly, enables them to achieve true fridge and freezer temperatures.
  • Eutectic refrigerators - With these models, the power received from the 12V cools small pods that are housed with the side of the fridge. When the pods freeze, the fridge turns off to save energy, and the pods continue to cool the fridge.
  • Thermoelectric refrigerators - This style of fridge uses electricity to take heat out of the fridge, but they can't be set to a certain temperature. These 12-volt coolers are ideal for shorter trips and/or for keeping drinks cold, and some of these can actually be set to keep foods warm.
What are some of the brands that make 12V coolers?

You can find items made by the following brands:

  • Koolatron
  • Coleman
  • Vector
  • RoadPro
What are other features to look for?

There are many options for 12-volt coolers from the lower budget items to high-end versions. Some features that can help distinguish some products from others are detailed below:

  • Dual zone - When there are two distinct zones, you widen your options in terms of the type of groceries or dishes you can transport. If you have a sector that can get to a few degrees below freezing, you may even be able to bring ice cream with you.
  • Battery sensor - So that you don't drain your vehicle's batteries, you might look into a model with a sensor. It will alert you when the battery is running low so that you can take the appropriate measures.
  • Dual power sources - Instead of just relying on 12V energy, you could get one of the 12-volt coolers that can also be connected to an AC power cord.
  • Size - This may be the greatest factor that influences your choice. You may only need a 40-quart cooler or something even smaller if it's just for you. If you're packing food for a household, you may need a 65-quart one.